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Serve your customers and prospects with 3 marketing tools that deliver high-level community information. Someone wants to know from you about quality of life in a community? You've got it. How about things to do... or healthcare... or education? With the Resource Kit tools, you deliver accurate information instantly! Become an instant expert, without having to lift a finger. You deliver information at the speed of electricity. This is really easy to use and simple to understand. Your customers will love it and you'll look great. All you do is provide your name, photo, email and address and it all gets done for you. It's your own personal information center. All responses come only to your inbox and your information is not shared.

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Community Guides Included

City Guide

City Guide | Learn about the quality of life in all the metro communities

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School Guide

School Guide | All public and private schools, universities and education options

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Health Guide

Health Guide | Learn the health landscape and find family healthcare services

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Fun Guide

Fun Guide | How locals live it up with fun activities in the great regional places

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